THE LEUVEN GYMKHANA 2.0 (18-22 mei)



The LeuvenGymkhana 2.0 is a hybrid COVID-proof action and research event open for everyone to participate between 17 and 22 May 2021. It builds on the work we started in the Christmas break: the Leuven Gymkhana 1.0. It consists on a series of guided tours and collective conversations organised by students and researchers from the Department of Architecture at KU Leuven in collaboration with several actors and initiatives involved in the food system and the Food strategy of Leuven. The objective of the event is to share and discuss perspectives, ideas and challenges about ensuring healthy, local and affordable food all in Leuven. We will do this during the guided tours that we have organised along the week, and get together to share and celebrate our ideas to move forward in the implementation of the Food Strategy in the closure party on 22 May at Boerencompagnie! We hope you'll join us and share your experience and opinions with us. Everyone's contribution is important to achieve food justice for all in Leuven now and into the future! 


We have designed 3 thematic gymkhanas across Leuven addressing different aspects of ensuring sustainable and healthy food for all in Leuven. International researchers from the IMSDP Programme will lead free walking guided tours in English between 18 and 22 May to explore each of them in small groups (up to 10 people). During the tours you'll be able to discover and interact with relevant places and actors from the food system in Leuven and contribute to the collective discussion. 


Fill in the registration form to participate in as many gymkhanas as you want: You’ll find the specific schedule for each gymkhana in the registration form and more details of each of one in our website. 

Only participants that successfully complete at least one gymkhana will get an invitation to attend the closing party on 22 May, don't miss it! 

You can also stay updated about news and challenges and contribute to the debate online through our website and Instagram


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